ServiceMan Specialized web based solution for service providers managing maintenance of specialized equipment (medical and other equipment. Solution supports companies with operations organized in subsidiaries or partners network in country regions, or even different countries.

ServiceManis an integrated software solution specialized for managing procurement, sales, distribution, service and maintenance of medical instruments and equipment. The solution encompasses various integrated modules, designed to help companies increase productivity and profitability in every aspect of your business.

The solution is rather flexible and can be easily adapted to the company organization structure. Minimum time for training is required in order to learn the basis of the solution and adapt it to the changes in your specific business environment.

Save time by executing your daily activities more efficiently, in order to conduct strategic planning more effectively.

The implementation of the solutionwhich encompasses the entire management of your company will not result with complications. On the contrary, the challenge is positioned in accommodating the solution into the corporate culture, where it becomes an integrated part of the development of the business itself and the accomplishment of the corporate mission.

The solution will help you to manage your company more efficiently.Process automation, various functionalities, adaptation to changes, integration with different tools, are only a few of the benefits provided.

This system enables complete tracking of all activities and provides real data for various segments of your business. This can be further used for generating reports presenting the current state of the company. Furthermore, the solution supports innovative processes in order to create competitive advantages for your company.


Achieving better results with process optimization

The solution provides an entire preview of all the relevant stakeholders: employees, buyers, suppliers, service maintenance workers, warehouses etc. Also, there is complete evidence and documentation of work orders and travel orders with options to enter new or edit the existing documents.

Enhanced global competition, regulations and customer requirements fluctuation are the biggest challenges the companies face on a daily basis. Our solution helps companies manage and automate their key processes with great ease and simplicity.

The main goal is increasing the efficiency in daily activities and improving communication and control of the central location and the dispersed offices by uniting all evidence and documentation into a single central database.

The approach in realizing the functionalities makes the solution universal, multilingual and web-based with a secure communication using an integrated SSL secure communication and adequate SSL certificates.

The solution provides automatic creation of management reports, evidence and cost control, possibility for creating reports by preselecting and saving queries,option for using a single knowledge base designed to enable servicers to use the experience of other colleagues from dispersed offices within the company’s and/or partner’s network, in order to solve problems quickly and efficiently, real-time evidence of stocks of spare parts with the option to search through the stock supply of other company locations (cities, countries), etc.

ServiceMan integrates several modules:

  • Service and Maintenance,
  • Scheduling Regular Services,
  • Protocols and Models,
  • Material Management,
  • Reportsand Statistics

These are only a part of the functionalities available in the solution. Functionality can be enhanced with additional options and adapted to match your specific business environment. New modules are available upon request as well.