GoPrint - ERP solution for the printing industry

helps the printing companies to improve the production management by optimization of prepress and production processes. I also reduce the production scrap. It enables the user to analyze the production time, workforce, spend materials and produced quantities, as well as compare the planed and realized production.

Quality Control module enables delivery of products with planed quality based on QA standards like ISO 9001. It eliminates most of the production faults and increases the overall control of the production process. QC is present in every prepress and production phase, from reception of raw materials till delivery of the final product. The user can define own rules, criteria and attributes for management and control.

Product price calculation and proposal preparation module provides the sales and production teams with precise information ready to be delivered to the client just on-time, when needed. The user can browse the database of previous calculations and recall one based on similar requirements. So, by changing the rules or parameters, the new price calculation can be prepared in a minute and ready for delivery to the client in a hard copy or electronic form.

Business Intelligence module helps the management team to get complete picture of the business, including production, sales, human and other resources in the organization. It enables the management team to make on-time business decisions and real corporate development plans.

GoPrint can be integrated with third party ERP solutions, like DataLab Pantheon (popular in the SEE region, localized on many languages, including English).

Customer problem solved with the implementation/ use of the product or service

GoPrint improves the management and control of the production processes.

QC ensures delivery of products with planed quality.

Generates final product proposal, taking in account real production costs, pricing policy and preferred clients.

Business Intelligence module helps the management team to deliver on-time business decisions and realistic corporate development plans.

Integration with third party ERP solutions.

Direct or indirect benefits from the implementation/ use of the product or service

  • GoPrint provides optimization of the prepress and production phases, improves the overall management and control of production processes and reduces the scrap up to 30%
  • QA standards support, enables QC implementation in prepress and production phases
  • Provides add-on value for ERP users (Datalab Pantheon); they get production module integrated with their corporate ERP
  • Web based solution; lower management and maintenance costs


OS: Linux, Windows
DBase: Oracle (primary choice); others like SQL Server (needs adaptation). 
Client: Internet browser (IE, Mozila). 
Server: Apache, IIS
HW: standard configurations will math most needs

Hosting (ASP managed service with technical support): Yes