Интранет портали

Web/Intranet solution for servicing medical equipment

DiaHem AG is a Swiss based company with international presence and partners’ network in many European counties (Switzerland, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, and Kosovo). The web solution (custom designed ERP) covers the workflow of the processes associated with the sales and servicing of the medical equipment the company sales to the clients (healthcare organizations) all over the Europe.

The architecture of the solution is based on a central database and many functional modules that cover appropriate work processes. Each user access his/hers part in the database in accordance to defined user privileges rights, depending on the work role and country or region (for larger countries) they belong to.

User rights are managed in the ID Management module, where company administrator can create users and groups and manage role based property rights depending on the work position of each employee/groups of employees. The users can access the server (hosted in a data centre) only via SSL encrypted connection. Server and Clients are additionally secured by installed CA certificates.

The solution was built on following modules and functionalities:
1. System Configuration module
2. Work documents
3. Customers
4. Employees and Partners
5. Work scheduling
6. Issuing protocol certificate
7. Work reports
8. Knowledgebase
9. Cost management
10. Material management of equipment and spare parts
11. Promotional and marketing activities
12. Reporting module

The project included Software Design, Development, Implementation and Training.
The project also includes SLA agreement for hosting and technical support (the solution is hosted and maintained by GORD Systems on a dedicated server in a high ranged Data centre).

Hardware Platform: Intel based
Database Platform : Oracle 10
Operating System: Suse Linux Enterprise Ed.


Web portal solution (eHealth) for control and monitoring of the health care services provided by NHS/DP outsourcing partners mobile MRI scanning providers)

The solution enables the users NHS/DH (UK National Healthcare System/Department of Health) and theirs Outsourcing partners – providers of healthcare outsourcing services in UK (MRI scanning) to access data and reporting through a central intranet system, and in accordance to defined access rights.

Delivered as a pilot project to the NHS/Department of Health and one outsourcing partner. Gord Systems was responsible for the following project stages: business process analysis, design and development of a new system in order to support the identified project needs, delivery of training and technical support.

The eHealth solution is based on myHealthPortal (similar product to the leading general purpose product myWebPortal, only dedicated to support healthcare organizations), a modern web tool build on technologies like Web Services, XML, XSL, AJAX and gives highest level of security through usage of SSL encryption, digital certificates and possibility to use smart cards.
ID Management system enables each user and/or user group to be granted access to certain data in accordance to the predefined privilege sets. Additionally, there is also a possibility for personalization (the way the information are presented), option available for each registered user/user group.

Development: Windows Server 2003, Oracle Server, Java, myHealthPortal
Hosting: Linux Suse Enterprise Ed. , Oracle Server, Java, myHealthPortal

Intranet portal, National Diabetes Database project

This project won the WSA (World Summit Award) on the National (Macedonia) contest in e-Health category and represented Macedonia on the world WSA in Tunis Dec’2005.

The aim of this project was to allocate the risk factors, as well as the connections to the habits of food consummation, the quality of life of the adult population, etc., actually the issues that contribute the development of the diabetes, and what is the cost for treatment. The project was sponsored by NovoNordisk (Int’l pharmaceutical industry from Denmark) office in Macedonia.

- Build on myWebPortal development platform (Web Application development, Web Portal Design and Content Management System), without or few lines coding (http://www.my-WebPortal.com)

Windows Server 2008, Apache, MS SQL Server 2008, PHP/Java/.NET


Intranet web application solution, WEB based solution for Development of Data Collection System on domestic violence for the NIPH

The IT solution for Development of Data Collection System on domestic violence for the national Institute of Public Health, is a WEB based application solution, designed and developed in accordance to the customer needs, according the National Strategy for Protection against Domestic Violence.

The web based solution is installed at one central location in NIPH, and all data are stored in a central database. The solution enable controlled data input, different overview and comparison of the data taking in consideration different subjects like general practioners, administrators, regional managers.

The software solution consist of several modules:
- Data entry
- Reporting
- Admistration module

The project included Software Design, Development, Implementation and Training.

Windows Server 2008, MS SQL Server 2008, PHP/Java