PCP - Private Consultant Practice

It is a comprehensive solution that integrates modules like: Patient registration (personal data), Medical data entry (including hospital admission details), versatile Searching module, Appointment scheduling, Correspondence module (tel. calls, letters, etc.) and Financial data (billing, income, expenses).


Smart Cards (chip cards) can be used for identifying, storing and retrieving most important patient data.
The package can be used as a stand alone System or Server based system (in case of several practitioners, or private hospitals).
The systems can be accessed remotely from other location (home, patient home), but also can exchange data with other systems, like regional hospital is IS

Data entry module ensures secure and correct input of the patient data, while many reports and queries enable the users to perform various data analyses. Many template letters are available to the user for easy correspondence. Letters can be also stored in the database and retrieved anytime.
The System can be used as a stand alone, Client/Server or Internet/Intranet solution.
Originally, the package is developed for medical consultant practices in UK, however it could be easily adapted to any other Healthcare system.
Based on Oracle RDBMS/Development Tools.