CALCOR - Specialized solution for Cardiology


The solution consists of two parts: database and statistical data analyses module, and the second one, application modules for support of the diagnostics and working procedures that are performed in a modern cardiovascular laboratory (outpatient).


The package includes: Patient registration, Admission in the operating theatre, Appointment scheduling, Diagnoses, Interventions, Medications and materials used for the therapy.
Data entry modules ensure secure and correct input of the patient data, while many reports and queries enable the users to perform various statistical data analyses.

Smart Cards (chip cards) can be used for identifying, storing and retrieving most important patient data.
The CalCor application can be used as a stand alone System or Server based system.


The systems can be accessed remotely from other locations for database update (other hospitals, private practices) and also can communicate to other databases (local or regional hospitals, other central databases).
The System can work as a stand alone, Client/Server or Internet/Intranet solution.
Based on Oracle RDBMS /Development Tools.