Pantheon - Advanced Information System for Enterprise Management


Excellent Solution for All Business Activities

PANTHEON™ is advanced information system for enterprise management, developed by Datalab.

GORD Systems Services is DataLab Premium Sales, Implementation and Development Partner.

PANTHEON™is suited for any field of activity. Manufacturing, service and trade companies as well as the public sector find it well suited to their purpose. It meets the demands of companies of any size, from sole traders to large corporations. Even though we have a broad variety of users, some types of companies are prevalent, especially fast-growing and manufacturing companies, i.e. where the demands for a powerful and affordable business application are the highest. PANTHEON™ is being used by more then 6.000 companies (26. 000 users) in 8 countries in the SEE region!

Always Up-to-Date or Even Ahead of Its Time

The strongest asset is definitely the continuous development and improvement according to national legal requirements and specific needs of the users.

The changes and improvements not only follow the legislation but also reflect the suggestions and requests coming from the users. PANTHEON™ is continuously upgraded with new functions and support of business processes.

Successful Foreign Subsidiaries

PANTHEON™ is available in different legal and language localizations. Legal localization means that PANTHEON™is ready to be used in accordance with the legislation of a specific country, whereas language localization means that the user interface and its related messages are translated to a specific language.

Legal and language localizations can be freely combined and thus adjust the work environment to the needs of a specific company (e.g. a subsidiary in Croatia or a German chairman of a Slovenian company).

By using a Virtual Private Network, data from all locations can be brought together in one place and accessed anytime. Planning, tracking and control are finally possible.


Permanent Professional Support

The care for the user does not end with the sales. That is why DataLab created the largest software support structure for a business application for SMEs in the SEE region. There are over 200 independent partner companies with more then 650 consultants to provide professional user support.

Before the implementation, implementation partner looks through the organizational and system requirements, software needs and the implementation schedule. In the implementation process, system parameters and the organizational structure are set, the users are trained and introduced into work. The system’s functions are then customized to the required extent.

A Version Suited to Your Needs

PANTHEON™ comes in six versions, suited to the specific needs of various companies. Each higher version includes the functions of all the versions below it. PANTHEON™ME, for example, includes everything from PANTHEON™ RT and SE as well as some own functions.


A License Suited to Your Financial Capacity

There are three different licensing types:

• license purchase,

• license lease, or

• monthly subscription fee.

The product is licensed based on the number of concurrent users of the system. The software can be installed on any number of computers but only as many users as the company has licenses can use it at any given point in time. When the maximum number has been reached, additional users will not be able to log into the system. By logging out, a place becomes available for another user to log in (roaming licenses).

ZEUS – Management information system

Integrated in PANTHEON™ is a modular business intelligence system for creating reports, analyses and plans for various aspects of the company – ZEUS. It is OLAP-based and designed to ensure simple use by employing advanced tools and technologies.

ZEUS was created for the needs of the managers, business analyst and planners in order to hel them making decisions based on actual numbers without wasting time on creating similar reports over and over again.


A Reliable Tool for Business Information Solutions

PANTHEON™ is completely object-based. It includes the development environment SQL InterActive™ which enables users to add new functions via plug-ins written in T-SQL, VBScript or Jscript. This way, company specifics, customized analyses or handy utilities can be integrated into the suite.

Users get the best of both worlds: standardized software with numerous users ensures the normal operation of common functions (e.g. accounting, payroll, material management, etc.) while the user-specific additions provide customized and useful solutions. All this is available for only a fraction of the cost similar solutions from other providers would take.

Because PANTHEON™’s data structure is public numerous independent IT services providers are developing PANTHEON™-based solutions. These range from task-specific modules (e.g. barcode support, tracking hours of work, manufacturing optimization, archiving, messaging, user support systems, project management, etc.) to specialized field-specific solutions (accountants, opticians, carriers, building managers, etc.).