CONSULTING (Business Intelligence, Statistical data analyses)

Idealist-extend, FP6 EU IST project

Main objective of the project is helping IST experts and IT organizations in participating EU IST programs, including partner search for consortiums, preparing good proposals, organizing workshops and InfoDays on active calls, delivering idealist partner search leads etc.

The project consortium consists of 9 consortium partners, including West Balkan countries (CR, MK, SCG), New Independent States (AM, AZ, GE, UA) and EU (DE, PL).

GORD Systems experts are coordinating one of the project work packages (Bridging).

Survey of diabetes disease in Macedonia based on National Diabetes Register
Beneficiary side: Ministry of Health, Sponsored by NovoNordisk SA Denmark 

The National diabetes register is a database with detailed data on each registered patient with diabetes dieses. Over 230 data classified in many data categories. Total number of patients was 15.000. Generally, the data are categorized in following groups: Demographic patient data, disease data, reasons for visit to the diabetes outpatient unit, pregnancy, lab data, therapy, objectives of the S.Vincent’s declaration, complications because of the diabetes, spent hospital days and costs, days spent on training about diabetes dieses, duration of the patient examination and the costs, etc. 

The objective of the research was descriptive analyses of each data category, min/max values, and standard deviation, as well as complex crosses examination of group of data in correlation to each other.

GORD Systems organized data input and transfer, data selection and preparation, analyses as well as report generation (including almost 300 different presentation tables/graphical charts). Tools used for data capture, preparation, analyses, reporting: SPSS Base and other add-on modules, Oracle DB, Access DB.

SMS market analyses, GTZ DEG project

Analyses of SMS in Macedonia, including data analyses grouped in several categories: Property structure, core business and other activities, employees, capital, current and future projects, etc.

GORD Systems was engaged after the data was already captured on implementation of the tools for data preparation and data analyses (SPSS products family).

GORD Systems organized data transfer, data selection and preparation, analyses as well as report generation (including 100 different presentation tables/graphical charts). Tools used for data capture, preparation, analyses, reporting: SPSS Base and other add-on modules, Oracle DB, Access DB.


e-MunIS, FP5 EU IST project

Main objective of the project is to adapt and transfer the best practices of the EU municipalities through pilot development and implementation of IT applications in the field of administrative work and provision of services to citizens. The project aims at achieving:

1. e-Municipality Office (Electronic Document Management System, Interface tool to external information resources, City Mayor’s Office Information Network),

2. On-line services to citizens (Municipality/city web site, Citizens software tool kit, Interface tool set, Information kiosk),

3. Exploitation of the prototypes at the pilot sites and evaluation of the expected tangible benefits. It is expected, to Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of document processing by 15-20% and of providing services up to 70%, to Improve quality and reduce time for obtaining services 7-10 times, to Achieve up to 90% transparency of local government information to citizens, to Establish conditions for implementation of project outcomes immediately in 3 municipalities and further dissemination in at least 50 SEE and EU non project municipalities.

Type of supplies provided by GORD Systems: Analyses and Redesign of Workflow processes, Development of Back Office Interface Toolset (Web Services technology implementation), some modules of EDMS and e-Services for citizens.

The project gathered over 15 consortium partners, including municipality Skopje-Macedonia, Sofia-Bulgaria, Rijeka-Croatia, Bonn-Germany, Genoa-Italy, Valladolid-Spain, and several software developers and consultants from Macedonia, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany (Fraunhofer Institute, the project manager). Project Duration: Nov’ 2001 - October 2003.  Based on Web Services Technology (developed in several different technologies: Open Source, Java-Oracle JDeveloper, Lotus Notes).

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